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Sustainability in Asia: connecting to everything else

Recently I was invited to give a talk on the topic of ‘climate change and sustainability in Asia’. While accepting this invitation easily, my immediate response was also “Let me think about how to put this together coherently.” Having one and a half hours to fill on this topic in front of an audience of […]

Plastics: are we addicted?

Are we addicted to plastics? Looking across the table at lunch today, I noticed depressingly that pretty much everything we had on the table was packaged in plastics. It amazes me often how hard it is to use less of this in daily life. And clearly today was a very bad day for Plastic Free Tuesday. The […]

Naar de finale van de Haagse DDD Award

Afgelopen dinsdag presenteerde ik met collega-ondernemer Nanning de Jong de nieuwe sociale onderneming ‘De Flexstagiair’ in Den Haag. De Flexstagiair is een nieuw concept ontwikkeld met de ondernemers van het ProjectenLab. Hiervoor zijn we aan de slag gegaan met een oproep voor ondernemende en vernieuwende ideeën als oplossing voor één van negen geselecteerde maatschappelijke problemen […]

Mixing culture and business

On my way to the indoor venue of a business event this afternoon, I walked past the Erasmus bridge, Schiphol airport, the Peace Palace and a couple more Dutch icons. Yes: I was in the miniature version of the Netherlands, Madurodam. It’s not the only unusual place I am visiting this week.

Ondernemen over de grens

Het leuke aan ondernemen? Elke dag is anders. Vandaag is onverwacht internationaal: met de trein de grens over, in het gesprek opletten op etiquette en stijlverschil (ik gok er op dat het een goed teken is dat we beide lachen over de verschillen in onze taal) en daarna in een andere taal koffie bestellen voordat […]

Bringing your business to Myanmar?

Setting up business operations or otherwise taking your business to Myanmar? Consider how you can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economy. It is likely a coincidence, but it is fitting that in the month that Myanmar’s first democratically elected President Htin Kyaw took office, developments in Myanmar were also in the spotlight in the […]