Shanghai favourites

In between my meetings in Shanghai, I managed to find some time to explore the city a bit more. And head back to my favourite shop (in the world, I think). Here are some of my favourites.

shanghai 236 Firstly, Spin Ceramics. I was tipped about this shop last year, and spend over an hour trying to make up my mind what to choose from all the beautiful ceramics they sell here. Bowls or some sort of ceramics is what I usually buy from wherever I travel to as a souvenir, but the things in this shop are just stunning. Beautifully designed, and made in Jingdezhen, a historically famous production site in China for ceramics.

There are of course loads of restaurants in the city, but one that I liked and thought was a bit different was Noodle Bull. This place served homemade noodles, with interesting combinations of flavours (or at least, different from what I know) and …. served in Spin bowls. No surprises why I liked it!

shanghai 226 In my Hong Kong post I mentioned the K11 shopping mall: turns out there is also one in Shanghai! Unfortunately, this one is part of a bigger mall and skyscraper which makes the set-up very confusing. But, the underground floors are very interesting, with some galleries showing contemporary art from Asia and Europe. Very nicely done.

And of course, aside from restaurants and shopping there is no shortage of hotels either in Shanghai. I decided to splurge for my last few nights, as I had become very curious about the URBN Hotel. The hotel opened a few years ago, is carbon-neutral and the interior design consists of all recycled and sustainable materials. It is definitely the best designed hotel I’ve ever stayed in, with spacious rooms designed to be able to relax after a long day. I liked the ‘coziness’ of the hotel: it’s quite small, but with a lovely and quiet courtyard to have breakfast or coffee.

P.S. The picture at the top is taken at the Rockbund Art Museum, and is Li Liao’s installation Consumption.

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