Where to work in Shanghai

One of the things I find difficult here? Finding decent places to work at in between meetings….

It’s proving quite hard to find places such as coffeeshops or other where you can have a coffee or lunch and have a reliable internet connection. Without a smart phone (though my Fairphone has supposedly arrived, hurrah!) I rely a lot on checking in to my email regularly to keep track of meeting schedules, pending emails etc. And just to do some work while I have some time to spend in between one place and the next.

There are some co-working spaces, though all of them rely on membership and montly fees. I haven’t yet come across a space that is more flexible. From what I’ve seen so far (online & in real life), LOHAUS seems the nicest and most flexible. Other locations around are People Squared (though closed when I walked past), COHUB and Agora Space.

So finding myself at Aura, a quiet cafe, after a breakfast meeting there to discover decent internet, good coffee and sunlight coming in on Wednesday was a nice surprise. Definitely a place to remember!

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