CSR in Asia: more than just supply chain topics

2495 tweets in just over two years.

That is the current result of an idea I had in November 2012 to try and get more information about what’s happening in Asia on sustainability and corporate social responsibility out to a Dutch audience.

What are the topics that are most relevant in for example Japan or Thailand when it comes to sustainable development and CSR which impact business operations locally?

This is what I wanted to start sharing more about with @MVOinAzie, a Twitter-account acting as a collector of resources, news, events, jobs covering any angle of sustainability and CSR in Asia as a whole and in individual countries.

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sustainable organic food

Sustainable Me

Inspired a few years ago by Carolyn Steel’s Hungry City, I made a resolution to eat more local & more seasonal food, use less plastic when buying food and waste less food. It’s a tough resolution to fully achieve and I’m still far from consistent in my eating and grocery buying habits. But shopping at the local farmer’s market on Wednesday and planning my weekly menu is one of my best shots at getting there.

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