CinemAsia Film Festival

CinemAsia: a talk with new festival director Lorna Tee

Asia is about much more than just business opportunities and challenges. And many of those other things are what initially led to my decision to study Japanese.

contemporary history, cultural differences, social phenomena, literature, a mysterious language, modern art (and not-so-modern like ukiyo-e) – and film.

Focusing on business and commerce in (East-)Asia came much later. But my interest in all those other things stayed, which makes personal and professional interest a bit blurred occasionally…

Film is – to me – one of the best ways of getting a glimpse of Asia. And one of the best opportunities to do so in the Netherlands is at the CinemAsia film festival.

Movies can show how different places are – but they also often show how similar people can be. Are people really that different from each other even if they live on opposite sides of the world?

It’s nearly that time of year again: CinemAsia 2015 kicks off on April 1 (until April 6) – with a new location ánd a new festival director.

Lorna Tee CinemAsiaI was curious, so I’ve asked Lorna Tee, the new director, a few questions on her plans for the festival and her perspective on the role film can have.

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