Hasmik Matevosyan Paradigm Shift in Fashion

Hasmik Matevosyan on a ‘Paradigm Shift in Fashion’

Who made my clothes?

You may have seen this question popping up on the internet more often in the past few weeks. It is the main question of the Fashion Revolution campaign in the run-up to the second ‘anniversary’ of the Rana Plaza collapse on April 24, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The discussion on fair fashion and making the textile industry more sustainable often zooms in on the supply chain: how and where are garments produced? Issues that are part of the supply chain are well documented: labour issues such as freedom of association or working hours, health and safety, building safety or environmental issues such as use of toxins and high water consumption.

But is there a way to restructure the design process within the fashion company itself to contribute to a more sustainable business model?

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responsible business in Myanmar

Responsible business in Myanmar: where to start

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you kiss a prince.”

Am I suddenly talking about dating? No. This quote describes doing business in Myanmar. At least, according to one of the speakers at last week’s seminar in Den Haag on doing business in Thailand and Myanmar.

It confirms what I’ve heard before: there is a lot of opportunity in Myanmar for foreign businesses – but it’s tough, very tough, to do business successfully in this newly opening country.

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