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Plastics: are we addicted?

Are we addicted to plastics? Looking across the table at lunch today, I noticed depressingly that pretty much everything we had on the table was packaged in plastics. It amazes me often how hard it is to use less of this in daily life. And clearly today was a very bad day for Plastic Free Tuesday. The […]

Mixing culture and business

On my way to the indoor venue of a business event this afternoon, I walked past the Erasmus bridge, Schiphol airport, the Peace Palace and a couple more Dutch icons. Yes: I was in the miniature version of the Netherlands, Madurodam. It’s not the only unusual place I am visiting this week.

Bringing your business to Myanmar?

Setting up business operations or otherwise taking your business to Myanmar? Consider how you can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economy. It is likely a coincidence, but it is fitting that in the month that Myanmar’s first democratically elected President Htin Kyaw took office, developments in Myanmar were also in the spotlight in the […]

Renewing a 2016 goal: Myanmar

As I started my work day this morning, opening up my laptop, I got distracted. On my desk were some leaflets from yesterday’s event, a seminar on doing business in Myanmar organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the travel guide I bought a few months ago that I got off the shelf after I got home […]

Speaking about: business impact of sustainability in China

A good score, I thought: I was halfway through my session on sustainability in China and its impact on business when I asked the group of students in front of me whether they think business should care about sustainability and the environment in their operations. All hands went up to indicate, yes, business should care. […]

London calling

The travel virus caught me early: I left for Hobart, Australia for a year when I was 16. Living there, I discovered how much bigger the world was than the small village I grew up in in the Eastern part of Groningen in the Netherlands – even if my life there already gave me a relatively […]