Sustainability Asia MACHI

Sustainability in Asia: connecting to everything else

Recently I was invited to give a talk on the topic of ‘climate change and sustainability in Asia’. While accepting this invitation easily, my immediate response was also “Let me think about how to put this together coherently.”

Having one and a half hours to fill on this topic in front of an audience of experienced diplomats was a pretty daunting task. I am in front of various audiences regularly, but always with a more focused and concise topic such as CSR in Japan or sustainability as a business opportunity in China.

But talking about climate change, sustainability and Asia – isn’t that like talking about, well, everything? Where do I start?

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entrepreneurship FlexStagiair DDD Award

Creating the ideal match between entrepreneurship, Asia & CSR

Recently I’ve started saying that it is becoming impossible to explain well what I do: I’ve become a #slashie, or possibly a serial entrepreneur. The three (major) things that are demanding my attention these last few months are very diverse, and from a distance seem to be unconnected.

But, the good news: the more I work on these different things, the clearer it is that they are in fact connected.

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