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This is a regular view during my current workdays in Tokyo: working on my laptop with coffee, reading new material or preparing for a next appointment, in between meeting someone new. And yes, surrounded by many others doing something similar. Welcome to Starbucks in Japan.

Free WiFi in cafe’s doesn’t seem to be as ubiquitous in cafe’s here as it is in the Netherlands by now. So, Starbucks has become my lifeline – it seems to be the only place I can depend on to offer free WiFi (and power plugs, I discovered tonight).

Luckily they are everywhere. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a Starbucks and start surfing away – which was a surprise the first time I tried that. They ask pre-registration (at home, for example) so you can log in with your own name and password each time you’re in a new coffeeshop – anywhere in the country.

To take a break from Starbucks Caramel Latte’s etc I spent a few hours this afternoon at the Tokyo location of Seats2Meet, based in Ginza. I’d heard a lot about it, so I’m happy to finally have been there. It’s also led to many new ideas, so a post on co-working in Japan will hopefully follow later this week.

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