Tokyo: ready to go


Sunday night, and I’m writing this after a whirlwind weekend in Osaka and after having prepped my meetings for tomorrow this evening in Tokyo.

Tomorrow is the start of a week to discover in person (instead of through reading online articles or books) what is really happening with corporate social responsibility and sustainability in Japan. Is it on the agenda here? And if so, what are the main issues? Some (many?) things* in daily life in Japan make me wonder if it is a concern at all for people living here, so I guess there’s only one way to find out.

I’m very excited to be heading into this week, one of the biggest things yet to do in my short career as an independent advisor on these topics. I have many questions to hopefully have answered this week, but at the same time I have no idea really what kind of results this week will bring. I do know one thing for sure: I’ll be one step closer at being successful in my work.

It’s also the first time to be on a work trip that I’ve put together completely on my own – and this feels good as well. Especially because the last few days have seen the addition of several new meetings during this week which means I know have a varied and interesting week ahead of me. I have meetings with business (both Japanese & Dutch), with academics working on CSR & sustainable urban development, with several organizations promoting CSR & sustainability in one or the other. And I have a few places on my list to visit while I’m here: the newest co-working space in Tokyo based on a Dutch concept and an exhibition on ‘design for the future’ to name a few.

I hope to be sharing my ideas and thoughts about this week as they form, and of course to show you a little more on what Tokyo is like. To be continued!


* to name a few of those things: the plastic EVERYWHERE, heated toiletseats, difficulty in eating vegetarian, etc. I will write some more about these later.

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