When you share an emotion, people will remember.

When you share a story, people will remember.

This is what I took home tonight after listening to Vikas Jhingran while he spoke about what it takes to write World Championship speeches.

Afterwards in the bar, a friend and I were talking about both our blogs. Both starting entrepreneurs and both trying to convey what we do through our blogs.

I’m struggling to do that last bit. But it took until tonight – and until my friend pointed out the obvious – that the above two lines don’t just apply to amazing speeches. They also apply to blogs.

It’s not surprising: in public speaking as well my strength lies in speaking about something informative, which I can do in an pleasant, relaxed manner. And I do the same in my blog posts: they are mostly rational, factual, filled with jargon. But: what happened to the story? Where’s the emotion?

To develop my blog into what I want it to be, I need to share the stories and the emotions. I know they are there. It’s why I do what I do. But how to get it out there?

Perfect timing for #blogawaynl to start next week…

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