July into August: creating new plans

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And then, suddenly July turned into August. Edging closer to the end of summer. A summer which I had planned to make some big steps in putting together my business further and building it for the long term. This meant: getting some left-over administrative stuff out of the way, building collaborations, putting together enough blog material and working on a next work trip after the summer.

So now that August has come around I’m suddenly wondering how far ahead I am with all that. I keep forgetting that having two days a week to do this (aside from the three days a week I spend at the National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines) doesn’t quite give me as much time as I might like.

July has been about talking to a lot of people. And I realized I didn’t make the time to follow up those meetings properly, apart from keeping track of ideas that popped up in my head connected to the ideas we had spoken about.

August kicked me into gear. I think. The ideas I’ve been talking about over the past month have been sent out to people, with e-mails and skype calls following to see how these ideas can be made real. Good stuff. Mostly not what I had expected at the beginning of summer, but I have a feeling this will be a good second half of 2013. The good thing? All of the collaborations I’m currently exploring take a different perspective on Asia & sustainability/CSR. Love it.

I’ll be sharing more as these collaborations become more concrete of course. To be continued….

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