Weekend reading: Beijing vs Delhi, SMEs vs MNCs and Sochi

This weekend I spent almost completely at the Korzo Theater for the Holland Dance Festival: seeing an expressive dance performance on stage, but also getting a glimpse of different workshops on Saturday and Sunday for dance professionals by well-known Dutch choreographers. I’ve loved getting this behind-the-scenes look at how dance is created. Listening in on a workshop on choreography where workshop leader Soosan Gilson shared some of the essential ingredients of the creative process, I also realized that maybe this isn’t so different from the process of developing yourself as an entrepreneur and creating (and realizing) business ideas. This also takes time and you need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

“You have to enjoy being lost.”

With those words, below is a belated selection of articles and online reading of the past week which I thought are worth sharing. Happy reading!

Beijing vs Delhi

There’s always a lot being written about the (bad) state of the environment in China. So why is it we hear so much less about pollution in that other big Asian giant, India? As it turns out, the level of air pollution in Delhi is worse than in Beijing yet we don’t hear about it and neither is this a (political) issue in the city itself. ChinaDialogue explores why this is.

SMEs vs MNCs

The following link is to only a short article, yet I thought it was quite an interesting illustration that yes, indeed, the questions that small businesses and large multinationals are confronted with are largely the same. It’s easy to think that these would be widely different. What IS different though is how a business can deal with these questions. Whereas MNCs will often have their own specialists in house or have more resources to get in the needed expertise, this is a lot more difficult for SMEs to do easily. This is also why several government programmes (for instance, in the field of international business or CSR expertise) are aimed specifically to SMEs.

The Olympics, business & human rights

There’s no escaping it for the next two weeks, so why avoid it on here: the 2014 Winter Olympics started on Friday in Russia. The Dutch are off to a golden start. But, the Olympics have also been surrounded by a lot of controversy this time: gay rights, corruption and exploitation of migrant workers are just a few examples. But an article in The Guardian on Friday asks what companies connected to the Olympic Games have done to speak out about these topics. Does business have a responsibility to speak up?

I’m leaving you with a long-read still on my wishlist for later: the Council on Foreign Relations published an extensive piece on China’s environmental crisis which looks like an interesting read.

The picture accompanying this post is not actually taken at this year’s Holland Dance Festival – I wasn’t able to take any good shots this time. So instead, I’ve used one from last year’s Cadance Festival.

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