Weekend reading: travel & food

Marrakesh/ tajines

I’m slowly joining everyone else in summer mood, which is the cause of the delay in this week’s selection of articles. But I hope these will still be interesting for you to read; and they are tied together with a bit of a seasonal theme.

At first, inspired by the book Hungry City, I had intended a food-theme for this week. But because it’s summer, shouldn’t it be about travel?

But what better combination than travel and food? For me, the strange things I get to eat when I’m travelling to foreign places are definitely part of the attraction of exploring a new place, as you can tell from this flickr-set devoted to food on my travels

Organic food giant
This week, Forbes published a profile of Hain Celestial, the world’s biggest natural food company. Interesting to see how a company like this has grown throughout the years.

China’s West
From food to travel, and another profiling article, this time of the Chinese city Urumqi way West as published in the Atlantic this week. This city, or rather Xinjiang – the province it’s located in, is still very high on my China-travel wishlist. I got as far as Western Gansu years ago, but will still have to make it further West some day… (when I speak Chinese!).

Afghanistan’s child jihadis
And from Urumqi heading south, I’m looking forward to making some time this week to read this article on Afghanistan child jihadi’s. Should be an interesting read.

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