What makes a city smart?

“How many of you have booked accomodation via Airbnb for this conference?”

It was the first question Molly Turner, Director of Public Policy and Civic Partnerships at Airbnb, started her presentation with but the answer seemingly surprised also herself: only a few hands were raised in the audience, consisting of several hundred people.

Undisturbed, she went on to talk about Airbnb and how it fits with the idea of a smart city – the overall theme of the conference I attended earlier this month.

Harnessing technological power to revolutionize how we live in cities

Her talk brought into the conference a theme which I felt lacking up until then: people. You can have all the high-tech applications available used in an urban infrastructure, but without people you have no city.

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Sunday snapshots

My week in snapshots

Sunday. I’m spending my afternoon in the sun at the beach. Still doing a little work – I’m reading a recent publication on CSR in China to review. But I’m also looking back at the past week with a few highlights below. I’ve been busy, and the past week is a good example of what I am currently spending some of my time on.

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