• Making business sense of sustainability and social responsibility in Asia

    MACHI | Asia & Sustainability Consulting

The world is changing. 

Two topics fit closely to this change, both of which have been gaining in attention and in relevance:

  • the growing impact of the Asian region on the rest of the world
  • the development of a more sustainable society

Many organizations in the Netherlands are confronted with the consequences of one of these topics: business, government but also consumers and ngo’s.

However, Asia and sustainability are inextricably linked to each other. Exactly because of the relevance of both of these topics.

Think of the following examples:

  • The Chinese demand for – finite – natural resources which has caused a surge in prices worldwide. Not just in China, but also in Europe this requires exploring different ways of production for the things we use in daily life.
  • The production of European clothing has mostly been outsourced to countries with low wages such as Bangladesh, a country with many issues on labour and safety in its textile factories. Sometimes this can have fatal consequences. What responsibility do European fashion brands have to improve their supply chain?
Opportunities of a sustainable Asia

Sometimes, the connections between these two topics aren’t clearly visible, but this is changing quickly. Also from a business perspective: Asia and sustainability represent opportunity and risk. But the opportunities of a sustainable Asia are very powerful. MACHI focuses on those opportunities.

MACHI | Asia & Sustainability Consulting supports you when:

  • you are looking for opportunities for your product on Asia’s promising markets, and are looking for expertise how to take advantage of these;
  • you have a solution for issues related to sustainable urban development, an increasingly important topic in Asian countries where cities are growing at break-neck speed;
  • you want to know what corporate social responsibility means for your company, especially when it comes to the themes relevant in Asia.

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