Leaving on a jet plane

A couple of months ago, waiting at a ground floor gate at Schiphol airport for my flight to London, the man next to me turned and said “it really is a miracle, isn’t it?”. As he said this, we were watching our plane taxi towards the glass we were standing behind and come to a perfect stop.

To me, the miracle isn’t that this huge, very heavy metal box manages to stop exactly where it should, but rather that that airplane manages to stay in the sky for hours to take hundreds of people to their destination.

I was reminded of that conversation this morning staring out of the window of a bus on my way to Haarlem, passing by Dutch polders and large parts of the Schiphol territory. Looking outside I see a fleet of KLM planes, planes coming in to land over our heads, planes taxi-ing across the highway to get to their gates. Most people on the bus stared with amazement and maybe some with travel envy to the planes taking off or landing in front of our eyes.

Travel hasn’t lost its appeal or its wonder for me. Being on a plane, well, that part is not my favourite but the idea of travelling to somewhere far away, waking up after a long flight – or preferably, an overnight train – in a new destination is still one of my favourite things.  And I can’t wait for some of the exciting travel coming up in the next few months. Business ánd pleasure.


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