MACHI was established by Mathilde Teuben based on a professional and personal passion for Asia and sustainability and from the belief that these two topics will be essential for future-proof business. 

MACHI symbolises this belief: in Japanese machi means ‘city’. The city is the place for innovation, creativity, connectivity, sustainability, and diversity in people and ideas. All of these are what MACHI stands for.

About Mathilde Teuben

“I am an experienced advisor to SMEs in the field of international business. My expertise focuses on Asia, in particular on China & Japan, and on (international) corporate social responsibility.”

International expertise

“My expertise in Asia focuses on China & Japan: as a graduate of Japanese Studies (Leiden, 2004) I spent over 2,5 years in Japan for study, research, work and – of course – travel. My work at Agentschap NL (formerly: EVD) took me to work focused on China, and for several years I worked on improving market entry on the Chinese market for Dutch SME’s: through advice, identifying business opportunities and working on effective government instruments to support Dutch companies in China. Several other projects broadened my expertise and experience to other countries in the region; mostly India, Korea and Afghanistan.

This has resulted in specialized knowledge on doing business in these countries and a large network,

both in the Netherlands and locally in Asia. I work with a pragmatic attitude to find the solution that fits your situation best.”

Sustainable future

“Currently, we’re in the midst of a transition to a more sustainable society. Companies have an important role to play in this transition. This is not something that we can do from the Netherlands alone. My strength is to combine sustainability and current developments in Asia: this is where there are new opportunities for knowledge exchange, new market development and new forms of cooperation.

Over the last few years, sustainability and CSR has become more integrated with my professional activities. I developed an international CSR-scan for SMEs, have spoken to entrepreneurs about the CSR-risks when doing business in China, and investigated how CSR-issues can be better integrated in the trade facilitation instruments of the Dutch government.”