Tackling climate change: mainstream or frontrunner?

Yesterday afternoon I read an article on the website of the Telegraaf, the largest daily newspaper of the Netherlands, in which the paper shared the results of an online poll that had been running the day before. The statement being polled was: “Climate change is complete nonsense”.

The result: 61% agrees it is.

The more I read in the article about the rest of the results the more depressing it was. 80% doesn’t worry at all about the consequences of climate change and people believe environmental organisations are only in it for the money.


Half an hour later I was on my way to something I knew would make me feel a lot more positive again about what’s happening in the world: with a group of people at Den Haag in Transitie (DHiT), a local transition network, we were going to spend an evening talking about how the many local initiatives happening at DHiT link to major global issues such as climate change, environment, energy, etc. It was a really fun night where people were talking about solutions and opportunities to make changes and how to make those possible.

I came home energized, inspired and with lots of new ideas.

So what is more important or the most effective way forward?

Finding ways to get everyone on board or supporting those small groups of people way ahead of the mainstream in making things happen?

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