MACHI | Asia & Sustainability can support your organization with advice and project support/management. Below is a general overview of the possibilities. The starting point is always your project, from where we can discuss how best to continue.

The services of MACHI bring together the topics of responsible business, Asia and international trade. MACHI provides you with expertise, experience and network to operate responsibly and successfully on the Chinese or Japanese markets.

Developing and executing your responsible business policy in Asia

Responsible business conduct (or, Corporate Social Responsibility) is an increasingly important consideration for business: more and more companies are integrating aspects of CSR in their business operations.

When a business operates internationally, the topics that that business is confronted with in its value chain become more complex. This can make it difficult to handle these topics effectively. Environmental pollution, corruption, labour conditions or other topics can unknowingly be a risk in a company’s supply chain, especially also when that supply chain extends to China or elsewhere in Asia.

MACHI can help you with this: in four stages you can get to a fitting CSR policy for your company. These stages can also – if preferable – be conducted individually.

  • Identification: this stage analyses questions such as: how is your international supply chain structured, what topics connect to responsible business operations and what are you already doing in the field of CSR (this stage is based on a quick scan, developed by MACHI);
  • Prioritization: continuing on from the first stage, this stage defines what topics are most relevant and urgent for your business and where your business can have the most impact. This leads to setting targets for further implementation of specific activities;
  • Integration: this stage implements and executes the previously defined priorities and targets;
  • Communication: being transparent about your business activities is a core part of responsible business conduct, which is the focus of this stage.

These stages are in line with internationally used methodology for defining and integrating responsible business practices such as ISO26000 [link].

Did you know that you can apply for a financial subsidy to cover part of the consultancy cost on responsible business conduct? If you, like MACHI, are a partner of CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland), you can apply for the ‘IMVO Voucher‘ (in Dutch) to recover up to half of your costs (of course, within the criteria of this programme).

Want to learn more about what responsible business conduct in Asia may include for European businesses? Read more on my blog:

Coffee consultation | International business & CSR in Asia

What opportunities do the Chinese or Japanese market hold for you?
What does responsible business mean for your business operations?
What are revelant developments in this field in Asia that you need to know about?

A ‘consultation’ provides you with an 1,5h informal session: an opportunity to discuss your plans, get relevant feedback on them and suggestions on how to move forward, based on information that can be discussed and answered at that time. This is a great way to quickly get a better view of developments in Asia relevant for your activities!

A meeting can be scheduled at your location (in the Randstad region of the Netherlands) or at ProjectenLab (The Hague). Are you based further away? A skype session is also possible.

The fee for a 1,5 hour coffee consultation is €90 (ex VAT).

Workshop | Doing business in China/Japan

When Asia, and especially either China or Japan, is a new part of the world for you to do business in, you will encounter many differences in the way of doing business in these countries. Differences in culture and language, but also in the structure of the economy, geographical distance and country-specific barriers to doing business can make a new market difficult to access. However, understanding these differences – and knowing how to act on them – is an important part of being successful.

In a tailor-made workshop of 2 hours, you will become more familiar with the most important elements of doing business in this new market. This offers you a practical introduction to business in China or Japan.

This short workshop is available for €250 (ex VAT) (for up to 4 participants).

This 2 hour workshop is intended as an introduction to doing business in either market, for example as preparation for a first, exploratory business trip. Are you looking for a more extensive session? This workshop can be extended to included more detailed information or additional topics.

And also…
  • Are you looking for an interesting contribution to a business event, in-company session or your training institute? Mathilde Teuben, founding director of MACHI, is available as speaker. She can provide your audience with an insight to the impact of sustainability in Asia for Europe and European businesses. Other topics possible for a presentation are the role of responsible business conduct in China or Japan. Related topics are possible after discussion.
  • Are you looking for additional capacity on a project in the field of responsible business conduct or international trade? MACHI can provide project support for for example event organization, preparation for trade missions or other project for your governmental or corporate organization.

Does your question about (responsible) business in Asia not fit in any of these options? Please get in touch to discuss your questions and how MACHI can help.