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Mixing culture and business

On my way to the indoor venue of a business event this afternoon, I walked past the Erasmus bridge, Schiphol airport, the Peace Palace and a couple more Dutch icons. Yes: I was in the miniature version of the Netherlands, Madurodam. It’s not the only unusual place I am visiting this week.

This week, I’m spending a lot of time in tourist & culture destinations for a diverse range of events, being anything but a tourist. Today, at Madurodam the topic was mostly incoming Chinese tourism, which I attended representing China network Guanxi.

Tomorrow, I will be (almost) at the Maritime museum in Amsterdam, at the Marine Etablissement, for an EU Conference on Business and Human Rights. I expect this will be a good day, with many different sessions on how to work towards ‘advancing the business and human rights agenda of the European Union’, which to me also means how to work with businesses to help them implement human rights in their business operations and value chains better. Because business and human rights do go together.

On Thursday, time for art in Rotterdam. Or rather, discuss financial and economic developments in China in the café of the Kunsthal. I’m co-organizing this event, which promises to be a very well-attended evening, with a range of speakers commenting on what is happening in the financial markets in China – and how that impacts Dutch businesses, with keynote speaker Nout Wellink (former president of the DNB, the Dutch central bank).

Will I meet you at any of these events? Let me know!

This was written for the weekly blog challenge Photo on Tuesday (PHOT), initiated by Karin Ramaker.

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