Renewing a 2016 goal: Myanmar

As I started my work day this morning, opening up my laptop, I got distracted. On my desk were some leaflets from yesterday’s event, a seminar on doing business in Myanmar organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the travel guide I bought a few months ago that I got off the shelf after I got home from the event.

A conference in Bangkok a few years ago first made me curious about Myanmar from a business perspective. Particularly, from the responsible business perspective. Over the last three years or so, whenever I would have some time to spend on a side-project, I have been learning about this country: reading on- and offline, attending network events, and meeting with people who are involved in projects in Myanmar from the Netherlands to find out more about how the country is developing, what challenges there are for European businesses and what Dutch initiatives are already active locally. This blog is somewhat of a summary of that exploration.

Setting a ‘Myanmar goal’ in motion

At the end of last year one of the goals on my list for 2016 was to – after a bit of a break on this topic in 2015 – plan a visit to Myanmar. A factfinding trip, I suppose, to find out for myself what the country is like ánd how I can incorporate the topic of responsible business in Myanmar into my own activities as well.


An Instagram update, 29 December 2015: new business ideas in motion

But, not a lot of my 2016 objectives have been going as I intended them. The Myanmar goal had also gotten a bit sidetracked until a few weeks ago when I started making a list of people to contact to set this in motion again. Attending yesterday’s seminar was part of that plan, and a good choice to spend my afternoon there. With very informative presentations, great personal experiences from Dutch business men/women and a lot of opportunity to meet with other participants.

So this morning, as I looked through the newly received business cards, the factsheets about business in Myanmar and the other materials, I’m excited to be working on this renewed resolve and plan my first visit to the country in the next few months.

Do you have any suggestions, contacts or even questions? Let me know!

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