In transition

This month I’ve changed offices: in June I was still mostly working from either meeting rooms in the VNO-NCW building (the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) or somewhere in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – conveniently located across from each other.

This month I’ve started commuting to the Amsterdam Zuidas, the financial center of the Netherlands where I’m working in an office with a great view across the city.

Talk about changing perspectives: from governmental The Hague to corporate Amsterdam.

I’ve not only changed physical locations but also type of work. From researching how six European countries have organized their trade promotional activities to support their SMEs to be successful on foreign markets, I am now interviewing Dutch companies on their goals for the Chinese market in preparation for a trade mission this autumn.

Even though I started working independently in 2013 it felt almost as if I was cheating a little with one regular assignment for the year, with smaller bits and pieces to do alongside of that while I worked on setting up the essentials of my business. This year has seen a big transition to smaller and shorter term projects, which means my work is (much) more diverse but at the same time also more complex to manage well.

So this year is throwing new challenges my way but at the same time I love the journey of discovery this is becoming. Can’t wait to find out what the second half of this year will include.

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